Serafim Keybo (White) - Advanced Virtual Keyboard with Piano and QWERT Layout

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Serafim Keybo

Over 460% funded on Kickstarter - The Serafim Keybo Team

Serafim Keybo is the world’s most advanced virtual laser projection keyboard & piano. In just a second, it can turn any flat surface into your keyboard or piano.

Serafim Keybo with multilingual patterns

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What makes Serafim Keybo awesome?

Virtual keyboard with multiple language layouts

With Serafim Keybo, you can choose from various different languages keyboard layouts (English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese) to type in your language at anywhere, anytime.

Serafim Keybo with multiple languages layouts

Virtual studio with 4+ musical instruments

On the road or in the studio, Serafim Keybo allows you to create your music instantly with built-in music APP. Have a great time with your friends or families by playing piano, guitar, bass, or drums during your get-togethers!

Serafim Keybo at a studio

Powerful gadget with 10 hours of battery life

Serafim Keybo comes with 2000mAh lithium-Ion battery which will enable you to type continuously for 10 hours. It also has smart energy-saving modes to save power and enable a quicker return to active mode.

Serafim Keybo with 10 hours battery life

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Serafim Keybo product specification

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